20 August 2013

Jovan Ducic Serbian Poet - 70 Year Tribute, at St. Sava Church on 13th and Connecticut Street. [eng/srb]

Published on Apr 15, 2013
St. Sava's Serbian Historical Society honored Poet Jovan Ducic on the 70th Anniversary of his death. 

 Guest speaker Rade Pejovic told of the lyric poet's early days and accomplishments, talents, and styles. Rev. Marko Matic introduced Mr. Pejovic along with Simeon Vasic, Jelena Milinovic, and Miodrag Djordjevic, who recited several of Ducic's famous poems. April 7, 2013 was exactly 70 years to the date when Jovan Ducic passed away in Gary, Indiana. 

 His funeral was held at St. Sava Church on 13th & Connecticut Street.

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